Have you ever asked yourself... 

“Is it possible to improve technically while developing performance skills at the same time?”

“I practice and practice but when I go to an audition or a competition I choke up and am never able to perform to the best of my abilities.  What is happening?”

“What do I need to do in order to transform into the performer I’ve always wanted to be?”

I am here to tell you that this is not your fault. If you find yourself suffering because you know you have more to give but are stuck, I can help you.


My Story

For many years musicians and singers have been told that practice alone will get you to your goal. But there are so many other elements to the equation. I have figured out a way to transcend the barriers that keep musicians from performing their best, by guiding you to become the performer you have always desired to be. Whether you’ve trained for many years, or you are starting your journey, I can teach you the skills to reach your personal “ideal performing state”.

You see, music schools and conservatories have not been teaching musicians how to become performers correctly. They are wonderful in teaching technique, music theory, and their implementation, but not in teaching the elements that make you a peak performer. I know because this happened to me.

When I started to sing, I had no formal training but I trusted my innate ability to sing and musical ear, and by the grace of God I was accepted at one of the most important music conservatories of the world. But I went with a disadvantage, and this disadvantage, little by little caused me to shy away from singing to my elite performance level.  I had to figure things out on my own. This caused so much pain because I was unable to share all the music inside of me. What was happening? I couldn’t sing like before. I craved the time when singing came so easily and it was fun. Negative thoughts started to invade my mind; thoughts like “I’m not good enough, what is wrong with me? “. Throughout the years I practiced and practiced believing that this alone would give me the ability to sing to my highest potential, like I did when I started. And even though, technically, I became solid and got to a point where I could perform, I could never sing to my fullest. It seemed like only about 50% of my true potential came out. Therefore, when I sang in auditions or competitions where there were only a few minutes to prove myself, I never delivered to my highest potential. I would enter the audition with my hopes high, knowing that I could take on their program or a certain role, only to be betrayed by my emotions.

Imagine, knowing your value and your capacities but not being able to deliver when the time is right. I remember going from one audition to the next feeling frustrated and asking myself what I was doing wrong.

These experiences led me to find ways to reconnect to my origin because I knew that I had a  mission to fulfill. Marking the beginning of my transformation, this was a turning point in my life. I was fortunate to work with many excellent and experienced teachers in the area of neuroscience, how the brain works, and the importance of our words and state of mind. Throughout the years I continued my studies, including the way professional athletes attain mental toughness and find what is called “the zone” to perform to their fullest and transcend barriers. With this information I was able to transcend barriers and share my passion of singing throughout the world. It has also lead me to help many singers transform the way they perform and succeed.

I believe that we all have music inside of us, and it is a way to externalize our emotions. As musicians we are called to share the gift God gives us of sound and beautiful melodies that connect us all.  It is our mission, even if it’s in a small way, to help people find a way to cope with life and find peace. My desire is for musicians and singers to connect to their songs and share this song with the world without fear or anxiety, with lots of love and joy.  Knowing that with a song or a melody, transformations occur in someone’s heart. When this internal connection happens within you, it is then that the true performer emerges. It’s no longer about ourselves but about serving others with our music, with our song. This will allow your ‘elite performer’ to arise helping you transcend barriers and succeed. 


Have you ever asked yourself...

My goal is to provide you with a plan that will aid your journey as a singer; from the smallest vocal technical difficulty and diction nuance to performing with passion and love.