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The Dynamic Vocal Institute Voice Studio is an all-encompassing program that looks at the singer as a whole and provides first rate music conservatory level expertise in the areas of the Bel Canto vocal style, languages, and performance practices.  It also looks at the singer as an individual and develops a program specifically designed to their needs. Dynamic Vocal Institute is the best choice to helping singers achieve their vocal goals by preparing the singer holistically. Dynamic Vocal Institute provides singers with the necessary skills and opportunities needed to grow and flourish as artists.


"In my time as a student of Dr. Marisan, I have drastically improved as a singer. I’ve learned so much about my body and my mind. I’ve not only learned how to identify the feelings of muscles I previously didn’t know existed, but I’ve also learned how to use them. I’ve also learned quite a bit about breath work and how to support myself physically and mentally when preparing to sing and during singing."  

Anna Sophia Jones (mezzo-soprano)

Virtual and Direct

Voice Lessons


If you are a high school student, an adult looking to advance your vocal technique, or desire to prepare for a competition, an audition, or entering a music school or music conservatory, this is the best vocal lesson program for you. The Dynamic Vocal Institute’s Vocal Studio will take you to the next level of your singing career.

Students receive weekly or bi-weekly private vocal lessons and coaching in the classical Bel Canto and musical theatre styles. If desired, students at DVI  are prepared to participate in recitals, festivals, auditions, and competitions offered throughout the year.

Lessons are taught by Dr. Marisan.  She has a Doctorate in Musical arts in Vocal Performance from the University of Georgia and a Masters and Bachelor of Music in Vocal performance with a concentration in Music in Education from The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA.

Dr. Marisan has extensive experience as a performer in the classical, opera, jazz, and musical theatre genres. As a vocal instructor, she has more than 10 years’ experience in academia and private teaching, teaching at universities such as the University of Georgia, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Central Arkansas.

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